Hand Carved Rocking Animals .
Each Animal has a compartment with closing door in the tummy to store those important things.
We usually carve the saddlery and decoration into the animal, but Leather saddlery can be made to order.
Carving a Rocking Cat
Large Rocking Rabbit.  
Rocker Length 52"  132cm
Saddle Height 22"    56cm
Height to top of ears 40"  101cm
Body Length 25"  63cm  
Rocking Cat.
Rocker Length 40"  101cm
Height to top of ears 29"  73cm
Saddle Height 19.5" 50cm
Body Length 19.5"  50cm
Rocking Pig.
Rocker Length 45"  114cm
Saddle Height  18"  46cm
Height to the top of head 26" 66cm
Body length  21.5"  55cm
Detail of compartment opening
Small Rocking Rabbit.
Rocker Length 43"  109cm
Height to top of ears 34"   86cm
Saddle Height 19.5 "     49cm
Body Length  19.5 "      49cm
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