Rocking lambs
Woolly faced Rocking Lamb
Wooden faced Rocking Lamb.
Rocking Sheep & Rocking Lambs
Rocking Lambs  Woolly Faced  & Wooden  Faced .
Length of rocker 28"  71cm
Height to the top of the head 23"  58cm
Saddle height 17.5"   44cm
Body  length  24"  61cm
 Wooden Faced Rocking Lambs.
These sheep are fully stuffed, the head is hand carved in Douglas Fir.
The head can be supplied naturally polished or painted black.  
They can be  made in natural whites , or for special commissions we can supply the fleece in natural browns. or mixtures.
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Rocking Lambs  are made in exactly the same way as the sheep except they are smaller in size and made for  smaller children, or just used for interior purposes if you haven't got a large space to keep a full size  one.
Woolly faced Rocking Lambs.
These Lambs are fully stuffed. The head is solid wood but covered in real lamb skin , they can be made in natural whites , or for special comisions we can supply the fleece in natural browns. or mixtures. 
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