Woolly and Wooden faced
 Rocking  Sheep
Shipping UK Mainland £30
Rocker Length 36"  91cm
Height to top of head 31"  79cm
Saddle Height 23"  58cm
Body Length 31"  79cm
Large Wooden Faced Rocking Sheep
These sheep are fully stuffed, the head is hand carved in Douglas Fir,
the head can be supplied naturally polished or painted black.  
They can be  made in natural whites, or for special commissions we can supply the fleece in natural browns. or mixtures.
Old English Rocking Lamb made in 1967 in Hurstpierpoint Sussex 
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Large woolly f.aced Rocking Sheep.
These sheep are fully stuffed including the heads which are made like a teddy bears heads. The sheep can be made in natural whites, or for special commissions we can supply the fleece in natural browns. or mixtures. 
Rocking sheep and lambs after a few years may need some attention after all the love they have had, so we can restore them back to as they were. Just get in touch.
 We recently had a lovely old lamb back for complete restoration , we found the complete frame and stuffing still in good condition and were able sew on a new sheep skin.
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Rocking Sheep made with traditional skills.  We select only the best spring and summer lamb skins with the best fleeces to make our beautiful sheep and lambs. The skins are washed and cured with natural minerals so are safe for your children .  All the douglas fir we use in making the sheep and lambs comes from the surrounding  forest and is milled by us in our own saw mill. The frames are then covered with wood wool which is finely  shredded wood .  The sheep skins are then hand sewn onto the frames. We hope you love are beautiful sheep and lambs and enjoy having them as part of your family.
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